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tv   New Day  CNN  October 15, 2013 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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the debt ceiling deadline. it seems ty're actually working down there, senators scurrying from office to office, meeting more than once in a day. >> look how fast they're moving. look at the urgency. the president applying pressure and hopefully on board with what's on the table. that leaves the house. the wild card in this situation. will its conservative members see this compromise as failure? clearly, this is already a failure, new polling confirms just how much this has hurt republicans for sure and democrats as well. we'll get into that coming up. plus, he was a wanted terrorist for more than a decade up until he was captured two weeks ago in libya. this man, accused of masterminding the twin u.s. embassy bombings in africa 12 years ago. he's set to make his first court appearance in hours. and unbearable grief and tragedy aboard a carnival cruise
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line. a 6-year-old boy drown in a pool on board. the cruise line now facing numerous questions this morning. why were there no lifeguards on duty? we'll get into that coming up. >> first, that high stakes game of let's make a deal unfolding on capitol hill. where do things stand? right now in the works of last ditch effort to fund the government and raise the debt limit into early next year. but the devil is in the details as it always is on capitol hill. the chief architect two senate veterans who spent more than a few hours in the smoke-filled back rooms. let's go live to jim acosta. >> good morning, here at the white house officials sound open to the compromise that's been worked out in the senate in part because it raises the debt ceiling for nearly four months. that would give both democrats and republicans enough breathing room to work their way out of this latest budget crisis. >> we know this has been a difficult time for everyone. >> reporter: lo and behold, two
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experienced capitol hill brawlers, harry reid and minority leader mitch mcconnell may have actually found a path to budget peace in washington. >> we are not there yet. tremendous progress. everyone needs to be patient. >> reporter: both men shared the news on the senate floor that they are close to a deal that would re-open the government and raise the nation's debt ceiling before potential default in less than two days. >> i think it's safe to say we've made substantial progress and we look forward to making more progress in the near future. >> is there a deal? >> reporter: as vice president joe biden indicated by staying summon the subject, it's not over yet. here's how the deal would work. the government funded through mid-january, the debt ceiling extended to early february. in a nod to gop opposition obama care, changes to that law are also under consideration, including new income verification requirements for health care subsidies. these are tweaks to obama care
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the president may not support but he's all but pressuring republicans to take the senate deal. >> if republicans aren't willing to set aside some of their partisan concerns in order to do what's right for the country, we stand a good chance of defaulting. >> reporter: a new abc news/"washington post" poll finds the public is furious with the gop, with 74% saying they disapprove of how republicans have handled budget negotiations. some house republicans are holding their ground, still demanding concessions is. >> i'd like to do something he gets something, i get something rsh democratic senator barbara boxer compared the tactics to acts of violence. >> when you start acting like you're committing domestic abuse you've got a problem. i love you dear but, you know, i'm shutting down your entire government. >> that kind of talk could turn
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off senate republicans who still have to sign off on this deal. they meet later this morning to go over the details of this compromise agreement. don't forget who comes up next. that is the house where many conservative republicans are not comfortable with this budget deal and keep in mined that many of them are skeptical of whether or not the default would be that serious for the country. chris. >> all right, jim, something we certainly don't want to test. what do we know about this deal? what affect will it have on the markets? let's bring in business correspondent christine romans and john king. we'll balance the business and the political. they're certainly coming together here. thanks to both of you here. christine, let me start with you. so far the markets have been even on this, they're playing along the rules of you guy on gossip, sell on news. >> right. >> a deal like this is announced. it does put you up to the sequester date in january if it's done in its present form. kick the can down the road? >> it's not good to keep kicking the can.
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a lot of people are telling me they need a six-month deal for sure and something longer would be better for confidence and consumers. there are markets and people. people arette gooding hurt right now. the dow is up over the past four days. they're assuming something will get done. there's a lot of risk in that assumption and there are markets and people. and people are getting hurt today. markets could get hurt thursday, hurt friday. if there's not a big deal, a six-month deal you could see a huge sell-off in the stock market which then of course could push them to do a deal like we saw with the bank bailout. they didn't do the bank bailout and then it was a thousand point sell-off in the dow that got them to do more negotiations than they had done before that. >> the biggest risk is if they don't get a deal done. where are they with the three big hurdles, getting the house, speaker baner to put something like this up and the president giving its stamp.
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where do we lie? >> the president will accept, even though he won't say so, the president will accept the deal outlined in the senate. that's the president. we have to get to the president first. that's where skepticism comes in. the senate leaders are optimistic. they did work late into the evening. that public optimism is 12, 16, 18 hours hold. until you see a deal, you don't have a deal. the biggest obstacle here is, there is no guarantee, no guarantee, from the house speaker john boehner that that senate deal is something he'll be able to sell in his caucus. will he say it's not good enough or say i'll bring it to the floor anyway? still a giant question this morning. >> i keep hearing from people more and more, stop talking about thursday. thursday is not that big a deal. don't worry about thursday. we'll get this done. even you heard with harry reid, be patient. what does that mean right now, john? the polls are just horrible. if you want to put up the
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screens of the polls, you can show them here. the needle is tapping out in terms of how bad it could be for people on both sides. you know you're in tough shape when democrats are celebrating at being 61 disapproval compared to 74% for republicans. is their urgency the same as anybody else's? >> they understand the threat of the markets tanking if they don't think washington can get a deal. if one or two senators object, let's say they cut a deal in the next 10 or 20 minutes and came out and announced it, they couldn't bring it to the floor today if one or two senators object. we expect ted cruz or mike lee or one of the tea party senators to do just that. it's unlikely they'd get this done, completely finished, even if the house went along, by the deadline. the treasury has some reserves. if they have a deal on paper, the markets will say good enough and everything can be done within time in washington. let's get a deal on paper first. see what happens in the senate
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before we start gaming it out beyond that. until you see a deal printed, have a healthy dose of skepticism. >> christine, you were saying within we were dealing with the recession, had that big thousand point drop, it was a catalyst. if they move past the market scare, they're used to that, the moment i think everyone is worried about is when the u.s. government has to make a decision whether to pay bond investors their interest or social security claims. then what happens? >> look at november 1st. huge bills coming due for medicare, social security, plus interest or our debt. there's not enough money, even with tax receipts coming in. the treasury department has to decide whether you pay investors first or whether you pay social security and grandma first. the irony is grandma is on both sides of that deal. the largest government holder of u.s. treasuries is the social security trust fun. here you have an issue where it is real people, people who depend on their government for something they've paid into, social security, that are now at risk. and that's what is so crazy and
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scary and sad about the situation we're in, because those are the decisions that will have to be made in a matter of days. >> people waiting for a superstorm sandy check need it right there. >> an iou is not going to be good enough. >> christine romans, thank you very much. john king, thanks to you. maybe the best news i heard is when i was asking when is big joe going to show up? people saying we don't need him yet. they don't need biden yet. >> he's in the bull pen. >> he's warming up, warming up. a lot of other news this morning. breaking news, 49 people are dead following a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck the central philippines. that quake was centered nearly 400 miles southeast of manila. officials say there was no widespread threat of a tsunami but warned that quakes of that magnitude can sometimes cause tsunamis within 61 miles of the epicenter. the. the nsa reportedly collecting hundreds of contacts lists, many belonging to
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americans. "the washington post" citing intelligence officials and documents provided by edward snowden. the nsa responded to the story saying it functioned ethically and is not interested in personal information about ordinary americans. possible leads pouring into british police in the madeleine mccann case. she was just 3 years old when she disappeared in 2007 during a family vacation in portugal. newly released sketches a man who might be linked to the case have brought in nearly 500 phone or e-mail tips. two people called in the same name to investigators. the search continues this morning for a new hampshire teen missing since last wednesday. abigail hernandez turned 15 saturday and her family is pleading for her safe return. fbi officials received more than 300 tips, some as far away as texas but none have panned out. investigators refuse to comment on a report they are looking at cell phone records saying they don't want to impede the
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investigation. you remember felix bam qu t baumgartner? marking the one-year anniversary. it's already been a year. they have new video showing it from several different angles. baumgartner became the first human to break through the sound barrier with his own body, jumping from a sul of 24 miles up, falling at 843 miles per hour. no big deal. yes, a big deal. i remember being captivated by this. it was incredible. >> heart stopping seeing that moment he stepped out. >> you wonder if he was like, maybe not. no, he went for it. >> i can be remember what he said afterwards. probably involved i'm already here, i have to do it. >> he was lucky. he was distracted from the obvious danger by all the calculations. >> good point. >> let's get over to indra petersons now. keeping track of the forecast.
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you're looking at wild weather in kansas. >> you'll like this video. it's pretty impressive. this is a strong updraft from the rotating thunderstorms. yesterday was not rotating. they did not have a tornado. either way, this system was so powerful, they had winds as strongs a70 miles per hour. they had tons of return of quarter-size hail. that is the same system we'll continue to monitor today, however, it makes its way across the country. it is weakening. where are we expecting rain today with this front? stretching from minnesota down through texas. in texas, this will continue to be a big story. over the weekend, all the rain they received, right now they have tropical depression on tape. i know it's here in baja, california. look at the moisture streaming in through texas. you're taking this tropical moisture, adding in a slow-moving cold front, the same system that showed that wall cloud coming out of kansas. 3 to 5 inches of rain still
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possible in areas that are still dealing with flooding from over the weekend. that will be a concern in through today. that's one of the big stories. otherwise, warm air in the east coast. this huge pool of air making its way across the country. watch the temperatures dip down today. as that cold front dips down, temperatures dip down, releasing highs just into the 50s. cool air not too far away. >> thanks, indra. >> sure. coming up on "new day," he was walking the streets of tripoli ten days ago. now he's in a prison cell in new york. today we find out why al qaeda operative abu anas al libi is so important to the u.s. for the second time in 24 hours, an explosion at los angeles international airport. now police want to know who did it, of course, and how the device was planted in an area that's off limits to the public. that ahead. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core,
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welcome back to "new day." breaking overnight for the second time in 24 hours, a dry ice bomb has exploded at los angeles international airport. police say they found two others similar devices that did not detonate in a restricted gate area. that's the key there. rene marsh tracking developments live from washington. what do we know about this. >> reporter: it happened last night at the bradley terminal at los angeles international airport. triggered a huge response. you see the video there. the bomb squad and detectives were on the scene. we can tell you, no injuries have been reported. now, police say the restricted area where last night's dry ice bomb went off was not accessible to the gate area in the terminal. police also tell cnn it's still early in the investigation. but at this point, there's no link to terrorism.
6:18 am
but here's what's so peculiar about all of this. this is the second dry ice explosion set off at the very same airport. the day before, sunday night, dry ice in a plastic bottle exploded into an employee rest room. that caused a brief shutdown of terminal two. in that second incident, no injuries either. chris? >> the key questions are who did it and how are they getting into these areas? >> who did it, those are the two big questions, how did they get into the restricted areas. that's going to be the focus of the investigation. at this point we don't know of any arrests, no arrests have been made. but investigators are going to be trying to figure out, you know, the employee bathroom who had access to that bathroom and also that restricted area. with this incident that happened last night. whoever this person is was able to gain access there. again, the focus of this investigation in these two incidents, chris. >> the dry ice will be interesting. either it's something that was
6:19 am
designed to not set off the chemical censors or maybe there's a spoof, halloween, dry ice, we'll have to see what they come up with. appreciate it. thank you very much. one of the fbi's most wanted terrorists is now on u.s. soil, abu anas al libi was captured in a daring raid in libya just ten days ago. he's accused in the 1998 u.s. bombings in kenya and tanzania. he's in new york, set to appear today in federal court. deborah feyerick is live outside the courthouse this morning. what are we learning? what could we see today, deb. >> reporter: kate, it's really a first appearance. since his capture he was kept on board a u.s. naval vessel. he was questioned by an torgs team. he ultimately came to new york over the weekend which nebecaus medical condition that needed to be treated.
6:20 am
the blast in nairobi killed 200 people, including a handful of americans. this was the first coordinated attack by al qaeda against a u.s. target. four operatives were found in guilty in 2001 just months before the 9/11 attacks. for the u.s., this is finishing up or wraing up business. there are two other actual accused terrorists who are here. they're expected to be charged in march with similar charges in the attack on the u.s. embassy. kate, chris? >> first step in what is likely to be a long process for al libi. >> absolutely. >> some officials were saying he could potentially be an intelligence gold mine. deborah feyerick, thanks so much. >> sure. coming up next on "new day," a tentative deal to fund the government and raise the debt limit now on the table. is it all good news? we don't know yet. but the clock is ticking and even if it gets through the
6:21 am
senate, the big question and the big focus needs to be what will happen in the house? >> that's the big question. wwbd as we were just told. what will boehner do? also, the story you have to hear. 6-year-old boy drowning in a pool on a carnival cruise ship. tragic accident or a case of negligence? we'll lay it out for you. who has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee, affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of tires? your ford dealer. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. get up to $140 in mail-in rebates when you buy four select tires with the ford service credit card. where'd you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer.
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welcome back to "new day." it is tuesday, october 15th. it's time for our political gut check of the morning. the senate appears to be getting
6:25 am
closer to come up with a deal to open the government and raise the debt limit. cnn political analyst and executive editor of the daily beast, john avalon. we have details, contours of a deal we like to say. >> yes. >> what's in it for democrats and what's in it for republicans? >> it's all evolving but the ray of light, the sign of hope is here, america. here's the outline. first of all, time. basically you get time till mid-december to start negotiating a more comprehensive plan. the government opens, shutdown ends, debt ceiling moves to february. time for markets and time for the shutdown to break down. and then there are token items, re-insurance adjustments, income verification for obama care. look, no matter how hard you n spin that, this wasn't the tea party's plan. that was ted cruz's big promise.
6:26 am
you get adjustment in re-insurance rates, call that a win if you want. the important thing, we stop the stupid in washington. >> there are little things, little goodies in there that you need to get a compromise deal done. and as appoints to obama care. but it falls way short of what house republicans wanted which raises the question, what does boehner do? >> yes. this is the big question, as cuomo was saying earlier, what will boehner do? what he needs to do if the senate passes this compromise bill, the word optimism is being used. that's a better sign than not. he'll have to ultimately make a decision. does he want to open this up to a real vote, or is he going to be held captive by the folks on the far right who call any conciliation being a member to the surrender caucus? you hear that rhetoric still today. it is fundamentally the rhetoric of people not interested in
6:27 am
governing. >> he calls himself a happy warrior. you know he'll make a pitch of some kind. how does boehner, how do you think john boehner sells this to republicans to attempt to get a majority of his caucus? >> don't be held responsible for hitting the debt ceiling. think about what the country will say. look, they've been hemorrhaging popularity, the republican party, down to 74% disapprove right now. this isn't subtle. there is an electoral consequence that comes with this. the poll numbers are see changes in popularity. he has to say, we have federal spending down two years in a row, first time since the korean war, that's because of the republicans in congress. the alternative is armageddon. it may be ideologically pure but it is an idiot's walk off the cliff. >> we'll see. it goes to show, does the message set in? does that win over enough republicans which then i wonder how likely is it do you think
6:28 am
when you look at the political landscape and you look at how this fight has really gone on, how likely is it that boehner will need to go ahead without a majority of his caucus and get a coalition of some republicans, maybe a majority of democrats, to push through whatever the senate sends over? >> almost certainly. this is what happened in august of 2011. >> sure. >> when we avoided the debt ceiling before, despite having a aaa credit rating by s&p. that continues to be true. ultimately the center has got to hold for anything to get done in divided government. boehner will have to throw off the shackles of being held hostage by his far right. he'll have to find a way to cobble together a vote in the center. that means opening it up to a vote. >> he is allowing the house to work its will. republican majority have fought it out, now the votes will have the vote. the votes are going to win. i guess that's how -- >> they punted this weekend. boehner said i'm going to stay
6:29 am
popular with my caucus, punt the responsible difficult stuff to the senate and i'll come together and do what's necessary at the last minute so america doesn't default. call it a win. >> a deadline changes minds. >> yes, it does. >> come back tomorrow. we'll figure it out again. we always will. optimism today. >> chin up. optimism. >> exactly. let's get over to michaela for the big headlines making news this morning. >> all right, guys, good morning to you. a car bomb in northwestern syria killed at least 20 people, including a child. dozens are wounded. the death toll could rise. gunmen in syria have released three red cross workers and a red crescent volunteer. the fate of three others unknown at this hour. jury selection getting under way in the trial of a utah doctor accused of murdering his wife. prosecutors aallege martin mcneil killed his wife of 30 years in order to be with his
6:30 am
mistress. the couple had eight children. at least one of their daughters is expected to be among the state's star witnesses. much more in our next hour. nancy grace will join us live. the supreme court hearing oral arguments on affirmative action. this case, in the past the high court looked at a particular plan at a public university but this case takes looks at affirmative action from a different perspective, a state's total ban on racial preferences. aaron cox is being punished for giving a drunk friend a ride home from a party. she was cited by police for drinking and later cleared. still, school officials say erin violated their zero tolerance policy. she's been suspended from the volleyball team for five games and stripped of her title as captain. that girl's mother sued but a court ruled it had no jurisdiction. and i computer glitch led to
6:31 am
chaos and empty shelves for a couple of walmart stores in louisiana. managers of stores in springfield and mansfield alerted police when throngs of shoppers emptied store shelves using electronic benefit cards. the debit-type cards issued under the state's food program seemingly had no limit. a spokesperson for walmart told cnn customers were only letting customers charge up to $100 while the system was done. >> hard to undue. very difficult to take that back. >> also goes to the pressure people are feeling right now also. >> very true. >> we'll see more of this kind of thing, i predict. >> absolutely right. it's interesting. we're focusing on what's happening in d.c., there's so much else that's going on. the u.s. and iran are having face-to-face negotiations in geneva but are the iranians really serious about scaling
6:32 am
back their nuclear ambitions? remember how big all these questions were? we forgot about it with the shutdown. it's going on right now. we'll tell you about. also ahead, a tragedy at sea. a 6-year-old boy drowns in a cruise ship swimming pool and passengers say there wasn't a lifeguard in sight. [ banker ] sydney needed some financial guidance so she could take her dream to the next level. so we talked about her options. her valuable assets were staying. and selling her car wouldn't fly. we helped sydney manage her debt and prioritize her goals, so she could really turn up the volume on her dreams today... and tomorrow. so let's see what we can do about that... remodel. motorcycle. [ female announcer ] some questions take more than a bank. they take a banker. make a my financial priorities appointment today. because when people talk, great things happen.
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welcome back to "new day," everyone. let's get a check from indra petersons of the weather of what you need to know before you go out the door. >> one system is out of the area, the next one we'll be tracking already today, hanging out pretty much in the midwest. going to be focusing around chicago this morning for stronger winds and heavier systems, kind of pushing through, all thanks to an upper level low. storms in the midwest, also a cold front hanging off of it. that stretches down through texas. anywhere you see this cold front
6:36 am
we'll be talking about rain. the bulk of it light except for in through texas. the reason is we have tropical depression octave. this is a big concern. they had flooding all weekend long. now we're combining the tropical moisture with another system making its way through. the flooding concerns will be high in the region. the other story will be the cold air behind this cold front making its way through the country. notice all the cool temperatures in the pacific northwest, all of that will be spreading into the ohio valley and tomorrow, too. chicago, highs into the 50s. >> oh, wow. >> the northeast is one place it's still warm today. i'll take that. >> octave. unusual name. >> have we ever used that one before? >> no, not that i remember. nuclear talks with iran are getting under way in geneva. they're the first between iran, the u.s. and five other world
6:37 am
powers since the election of rouhani. cnn's jim sciutto is live for us in geneva this morning. what do we know about the talks so far, jim, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. in one of the most hostile relationships for the u.s., but with iran, this is really an unusually hopeful time. and the morning session just broke. we're getting our first read. i was speaking with iranian officials and european officials expressing cautious optimism. from the western side, including the u.s., is that the ball is very much in iran's court. the word u.s. officials keep using is they're coming into these talks, quote, clear-eyed. that is talk for we want to see what iran will put on the table. what the iranians did this morning, they presented their proposal in english. it's the first time these talks have bien place in english between the u.s., in iran, in in
6:38 am
20, 30 some odd years. the name of the presentation was closing unnecessary crises, opening up new horizons. the iranian foreign minister gave a couple ideas of what might be in that proposal, saying they expect an agreement within the year. they believe it's possible. they want to leave these talks here not with a final agreement but at least a road map for going forward. and iran wants to address a key issue, one of the concerns from the west, particularly from israel that they're not buying time here, killing time as the iranian foreign minister said to do other things, including say proceeding towards a nuclear bomb. they want to leave here with hard deadlines and concrete proposals. the real test will be what are those proposals? that's what we'll be hearing over the next couple days. >> if it's all about sanctions they'll have to give before they get when it comes to iran. thank you very much for the reporting. appreciate it. >> sad story to tell you about. new question for a popular cruise line after a 6-year-old boy drawn in the ship's on-board
6:39 am
pool sunday. victory was wrapping up a four-day trip. police say what happened looks to be a tragic accident. why were there no lifeguards on board? of course that's what many people are asking this morning. "early start" anchor john berman is joining us. >> the answer is because there don't have to be lifeguards on duty. that is shocking to a lot of people this morning especially after this heartbreaking scene unfolded aboard the carnival "victory" on sunday. it's a nightmare for any parent, a family vacation turns tragic when this 6-year-old boy, quinton hunter drowns in a pool aboard the carnival cruise ship "victory." on the last leg of a four-day caribbean journey. >> i saw the little boy with his family enjoying himself. out of nowhere i heard all of this commotion and i realized it was the same little boy i had seen playing with his older brother and his mother and his father. >> the young boy was swimming
6:40 am
with his 10-year-old brother when the cruise ship's deejay saw him struggling just before 5:00 p.m. sunday. >> the deejay announced someone was drowning and someone jumped in and pulled him out. >> reporter: these photos show people feverishly trying to resuscitate him. >> actually lifted the boy up. i helped prop his body up in proper position so they could perform the cpr. >> reporter: sadly, the efforts were not enough. police say the drowning appears to be accidental. >> everyone was crying. the family was distraught. they had to pull the mother away and the father. the father was next to his son, pleading and begging his son to stay alive. >> reporter: the cruise line said in a statement, carnival extends its heartfelt sympathy to the family during this very difficult time. the company's care team is providing assistance and support. carnival cruise lines tells cnn they do not have lifeguards on duty at their pools because their policy requires parental
6:41 am
supervision for children under 13. cruise operators are not required to have lifeguards on duty. although drownings aboard cruise ships are infrequent, some say this tragedy amplifies the need for safety measures. >> the best way of trying to secure safety of the young children in addition to parental supervision is to have someone there as a lifeguard who will focus on the children who are using the pool. >> you get the sense of the issue that drowning really is in this country. it's the fifth leading cause of unintentional injury death in the u.s. it makes you think about the policies that exist on some of these cruise ships. yes, they say parental guidance. it should be run by the parents if their kids are in the pool. a lot of kids, a lot of people swimming at once. >> a lot of people swimming at once. they're at sea. it seems to be asking for trouble. >> they are treating it like a
6:42 am
hotel but it's much bigger than that. there's a lot more volume. legally, it breaks down fairly simply in terms of whether or not it's negligence. they put their signs, you have to be here with your kids, there's no lifeguard. the analysis becomes, is the risk so great that's not enough? >> it was the deejay who saw the kid drowning in the pool. >> we all know it just takes a second. you can turn your back for a flash and they go under. so heartbreaking. when we come back, former president george w. bush known for being fit, right? he had quite a scare this summer. we'll tell you about a serious heart condition the president was allegedly having to deal with it and how looking good on the outside may not mean everything is okay on the inside. remember this iconic movie from "big"? who could forget it. imagine 25 years later, the question, does tom hanks still have the chop sticks?
6:43 am
our must-see moment. e so she could take her dream to the next level. so we talked about her options. her valuable assets were staying. and selling her car wouldn't fly. we helped sydney manage her debt and prioritize her goals, so she could really turn up the volume on her dreams today... and tomorrow. so let's see what we can do about that... remodel. motorcycle. [ female announcer ] some questions take more than a bank. they take a banker. make a my financial priorities appointment today. because when people talk, great things happen.
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welcome back to "new day." what was originally thought to be a minor heart condition turned out to be a serious health scare for george w. bush. a source close to the former president says he had a 95% blockage in one of his coronary arteries back in august and needed a stint to clear it. we go to washington bureau.
6:47 am
>> he's back traveling around, even playing golf. a new report suggests he's lucky doctors caught a serious health scare in time. >> george w. bush has long been considered one of our country's most athletic presidents. both in office and after the presidency. but the 67-year-old former president's recent heart problems may be more serious than previously thought. the national journal is reporting that a major blockage in a coronary artery discovered during his annual physical in august had almost completely shut off blood flow to one of his heart's chambers. a close friend of the former president tells cnn the blockage was in the ballpark of 95%. over memorial day weekend, bush lead these wounded warriors on an annual long distance bike ride at his ranch in crawford, texas. bush notably gave up drinking alcohol on his 40th birthday. he was even listed in the superior category of fitness for men his age after an annual physical exam late into his presidency.
6:48 am
his only hiccup was gaining four pounds because he said he had -- >> probably ate too many birthday cakes. >> those infamous eating habits may have caused the blockage doctors found. bush had surgery the next morning to insert a stent to unblock the artery. >> certainly president bush was at significant risk that doesn't mean he was going to have a heart attack but he was at significant risk of having a heart attack. >> reporter: a close bush family friend tells cnn the former president is grateful the blockage was found and fixed when it was. bush recently joked about his health in an interview with abc news. >> other than the fact i nearly bled to death when i nicked myself shaving because i'm taking blood thinner, i'm doing pretty good. >> reporter: we should point out aides to bush won't confirm the report and no one said in august back when it happened it was a big concern, even the former first lady kept a scheduled
6:49 am
aappearance for a speech in san diego to a travel group instead of staying in texas during his heart surgery. michaela? >> thank you so much. let's bring in the associate director of the cardiac care unit at lennox hill north shore lij hospital right here in new york. so glad you could be with us this morning. he was at significant risk of a heart attack. he did not have one. 95% blockage. my goodness, that sounds terrifying. it is as dangerous as it sounds? >> they made a good point in the piece you just saw, which are the lesions that will rupture and cause a clot and cause a heart attack. a lot of the times it's only the 40% or 50% lesions that could cause a block. that being said, 95% is definitely something that probably deserves to be fixed. >> while we don't know the symptoms that he may or may not
6:50 am
have had, this came up in his annual physical. it kind of lends you to believe he wasn't showing systems or didn't notice the symptoms leading up to that. >> is that common, if there is a 95% blockage, you wouldn't show symptoms. >> i think if you ask people in retrospect they may have had symptoms they didn't recognize that were related to their heart. they may say i felt heartburn or i got tired or lightheaded, had some jaw pain or arm pain. they don't recognize that can be a sign of underlying heart disease. >> what's the message in this? what's the confusion? the president is incredibly fit, he eats rights, exercises, he outruns and outbikes everybody. >> the message is that heart disease is a combination of risk factors. it's not just one thing. you can exercise and be in great shape and still have a significant amount of heart disease. that comes from high blood
6:51 am
pressure, diabetes, smoking, family history and your age. >> but likely the fact that he was in such stellar condition probably helped him on the back end to recover from all of this, correct? >> it definitely helped him recover and helped his heart be stable with a 95% blockage. >> how much does stress -- he's the former president. let's just talk about stress factor there. stress has to play a factor in this? >> stress absolutely plays a factor. more and more, we realize there is a mind/body connection. not just stress but depression and anxiety. we are asked to screen for those things because they make a difference in somebody's -- whether they'll get heart disease or not. >> thank you so much. >> it is an important message, just because you're a picture of health you don't always know what's going on inside. most important, make sure you go to the doctors for those yearly physicals. >> we so often forget to do that. >> we talk about heart disease with men a lot. i'm learning more and more every day. it's a huge killer of women and
6:52 am
it's important for women to pay attention to the symptoms as well. >> in ub one killer of women. >> that's an important statistic. >> must-see moment. stick around for this. you might enjoy this. you like tom hanks? >> i do. >> who doesn't. remember this? 1988, what a great year. "big" starring tom hanks playing chop sticks on a join the floor piano. fast forward 25 years, tom hanks made an appearance on a british talk show promoting his new movie "captain phillips." they are, my friend, up to par. not only did he prove it with extra help, look at this, guess who came by. sandra bullock was there to promote "gravity" in stilettos, i might add. come on. >> she didn't do the last note. >> it could be a problem. >> your height determines how
6:53 am
long you can play that song. >> who was he playing with in the original movie? >> the little boy which was -- >> the little boy was playing with -- >> robert loge. everyone loved that movie. >> what a year. >> italian. >> she's like i didn't sign up for this. >> i'm half italian. >> there it is. >> narula. >> enough said. >> exactly. >> good to see you, dr. narula. coming up next on "new day," no deal yet but democratic and republican leaders appear to be closing in on one. we'll talk with the senator involved in the bipartisan talks that could help end the shutdown and avoid a default. plus, dry ice bombs, exploding at los angeles international airport for a second straight night. what's going on? is this a prank, something worse? who's responsible? we'll tell you what police are saying. [ male announcer ] this is jim,
6:54 am
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nthat's why they deserve... aer anbrake dance. for more information and savings options, get 50% off new brake pads and shoes. last night in the national league, the dodgers came through with a clutch win to stay in it with the cardinals. big one last night. >> the dodgers had to have this one. they couldn't afford to fall behind 3-0 in the series. they had to phone a way to get the offense going. there was a hit but check him out in the fourth inning. he puts his arms up to celebrate. the ball goes off the wall. despite all the celebration, he still managed to get a triple. dodgers win the game, 3-0.
6:58 am
the series continues tonight on tbs. tigers outfielder torii hunter who went crashing over the well trying to catch big papi's grand slam, isn't too happy he saw from the boston cop in the bull pen. he said he's supposed to be to protect and serve. 24 son of a gun has his hands up. he tweeted that he was just kidding. the nfl has been hyping up andrew luck as the next big thing. well, things didn't go very well for him last night on "monday night football." luck and the colts failed to score a touchdown. they fell to the chargers 19-9. finally, you have to go to watch a 500-pound black bear play tether ball. this is eli. he lives at an animal sanctuary in reno, nevada. he only weighed 14 poundses when he was found in 2010. look at him now. he's huge and he may be the best
6:59 am
tether ballplayer since napoleon dynamite. >> yes, perfect movie reference, andy. very good. can we still talk about what happened to andrew luck? what's going on with my colts? one game doesn't make a season, i guess. >> just a speed bump, hopefully for your colts. >> thank you, andy. >> a little bit of difference, seeing the flavor of the month. >> still the flavor of the month. >> if you had green on -- >> he would have been worse. >> he would have been fine. by fine i mean worse. >> thanks, andy. andy's gone. top of the hour, which means it's time for the top news. >> i think it's safe to say we've made substantial progress. >> "t" minus two days from the debt ceiling deadline. obstacles remain. the biggest, will house republicans accept it. breaking overnight, reports
7:00 am
of four dry ice bombs found at los angeles international airport. two exploded. the investigation this morning to stop the culprit behind it. happening now, a terrorist an u.s. soil this morning acc e accused of blowing up embassies in africa. how he got from that daring u.s. raid in libya to here. your "new day" starts right now. >> announcer: what you need to know -- >> we're making progress. conversations have been very constructive. >> announcer: what you just have to see. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> good morning. welcome back to "new day." it's tuesday, october 15th. 7:00 in the east. new this morning, it looks like we're closer than ever to a deal to both re-open the government and pay our bills.
7:01 am
at least for now. we'll talk to some of the lawmakers in the trenches working the angles, putting this deal together. the big obstacle, obviously, the house all eyes on a man named john boehner. we'll tell you about it. >> also ahead, weigh have this story. jury selection beginning today for a doctor accused of murdering his wife of nearly 30 years. prosecutors say he gave her a lethal cocktail of drugs so he could be with his mistress. but he says her death was an accident. at least one of his daughters will be a star witness just not for his side, her father's side. we'll have more on that ahead. quite a story we're following. a family claims they were run out of their town after their daughter accused a high school football player of rape. the case was dropped but the teen girl was punished by her school, mom lost her job and the family says they were harassed. now their story is striking a national nerve. let's head to d.c. the talk at least is 180 degrees from where we were just
7:02 am
yesterday. the senate majority leader is saying tremendous progress, a bright day on a deal to re-open the government, raise the debt ceiling. at least for the next few months. let's bring in jim acosta. you are proceeding with deliberate caution and rightly so. what's the situation down there for real? >> it's tempting to get optimistic but previous experience tells us to be cautious at this point, chris, you're right. the white house does say president obama is open to this compromise that's been worked out by senate leaders in part because it raises the nation's debt ceiling for nearly four months. that would give democrats and republicans some breathing room to work their way out of this latest budget crisis. >> we know this has been a difficult time for everyone. >> lo and behold, two experienced capitol hill brawlers, senate majority leader harry reid and minority leader mitch mcconnell may have found the path to budget peace in washington. >> we are not there yet but tremendous progress.
7:03 am
everyone just needs to be patient. >> reporter: both men shared the news on the senate floor that they are close to a deal that would both re-open the government and raise the nation's debt ceiling. before potential default in less than two days. >> i think it's safe to say we've made substantial progress and we look forward to making more progress in the near future. >> is there a deal? >> reporter: as vice president joe biden indicated by staying mum on the subject, it's not over yet. here's how the deal would work. the government funded through mid-january, the debt ceiling extended to early february. in a nod to gop opposition to obama care, changes to that law are also under consideration, including new income verification requirements for health care subsidies. those are tweaks to obama care the president may not support. but he's all but pressuring republicans to take the senate deal. >> if republicans aren't willing to set aside some of their partisan concerns in order to do
7:04 am
what's right for the country, we stand a good chance of defaulting. >> reporter: a new abc news/"washington post" poll finds the public is furious with the gop, with 74% saying they disapprove of how republicans have handled budget negotiations. versus 53% who feel the same about the president. but some house republicans are holding their ground, still demanding concessions. >> i'd like to do something, he gets something, i get something. >> reporter: democratic senator barbara boxer compared the tactics to acts of violence. >> when you start acting like you're committing domestic abuse, you've got a problem. i love you dear but, you know, i'm shutting down your entire government. >> that kind of talk could turn off senate republicans who still have to sign off on this agreement. they meet later this morning to go over the framework of this compromise.
7:05 am
conservative republicans may not be in the mood for a deal at this point. a lot of the tea party-backed republicans are suspicious of what a debt default could do to the country. they're not exactly sure that it would cause the kind of havoc the white house has been warning about, kate. >> jim, thanks so much. let's talk more about this with john king, joining us from d.c. with what we need to know about the deal and what is left to overcome. john, a statement we often hear from john boehner seems to be popping into my mind when he says nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to. the details are what matter in trying to get this over the finish line. the contours of what we're seeing come out, what is in this for democrats, what is in this for republicans that then kae like? >> speaker boehner, he's not committed to the backing of the senate deal. let's remember at 7:05, there's talk of a deal but there is no deal. if the deal is outlined by jim
7:06 am
acosta, let's start with the democrats. what's in it for them? they get the government re-opened pretty quickly and the debt ceiling extended for a couple months. the house republicans, they believe there are very few concessions, major concessions anyway to the republicans in here. which brings you to the question what's in it for republicans? that is the more complicated question. if you're speaker boehner, the republicans on the senate side, what's in it for you is if you can re-open the government, extend the debt ceiling and put this story behind you. you hope they can make up for the political damage. already, kate, sending out alerts saying reject this deal. they say the republicans are getting nothing, any changes to obama care would be modest. about the only thing republicans could claim they are getting is a commitment to go into serious budget talks about spending levels, about entitlement reform with the pressure of the debt ceiling only being extend a couple months, you'd get those talks. remember where we started,
7:07 am
shutting down the government to defund or delay obama care? a lot of republicans wouldn't get that in the deal. >> with that in mind, you look at the time line as well, what options does speaker boehner have? >> that is probably the greatest pressure point in washington right now. the senate says it's close to a deal. senate democrats will meet this morning. let's see if by lunch time we have a deal instead of talk of a deal. let's assume the senate has a deal, then we are right up against or past that debt ceiling deadline. if there's a deal on paper, everyone thinks the markets will give it a few days. the question is does speaker boehner bring it to the floor? the operating theory in washington is that you have would no choice, only if he knew 20 or 30 or 40 of the house republicans would vote yes. they'd have no choice because of the political and economic pressure. that's the current thinking in washington. the thinking in washington about what should happen, that has
7:08 am
often been wrong in recent days. >> what should happen and what does happen do not seem to be the same thing these days. all the focus on house speaker john boehner this morning, as usual, in this fight. john king, great to see you. >> thank you. democratic senator sfr arkansas mark pryor, he's been involved with the bipartisan talks, joining us now from capitol hill. thanks for joining us on "new day." >> thanks for having me. great to be with you. >> how confident are you that you have a deal in the senate that will pass muster with john baner in the house? >> well, let's take that one step at a time. i'm pretty confident that at some point today, hopefully this morning, the leadership and the white house will announce that there is an agreement in the senate and hopefully there will be enough votes in the house to pass that. i'll be honest with you, a lot of what you see in the house, you see some republicans, not all, i don't want to say this about the entire republican party, some republicans are,
7:09 am
quite honestly, acting childish about a lot of this. they almost want to shut down. they want to see us break the debt ceiling, things like that. very irresponsible. i don't think that's where most of the republicans are but they're allowing that smaller group to drive the train. that's one of the real problems we have in washington. i think we'll get an agreement today in the senate. i'm not saying we can pass it today because there's logistics about drafting and getting it to the floor and the procedural things we'll have to do. my guess is, this is just guess, but my guess is we'll pass something in the senate tomorrow. get it over to the house as quickly as possible. hopefully they'll pass it shortly thereafter. >> the reason i asked it the way i did, just passing something is not enough at this stage, is it, senator? don't you have to think about the practicalities of the next step? >> i was part of this bipartisan group in the senate that helped work through a lot of these issues. by the way, i think that's one of my roles in the senate to try to come together and susan
7:10 am
collins was nice enough to include me. she and i worked on a number of bipartisan things before. we have a bipart son group of 12 and eventually 13 senators to work through these issues. i think the framework that we came up with in our group is the framework that you know, the president and the two leaders are now looking at. but nonetheless, i think that that's a workable framework. i think that it does have bipartisan support. it should have bipartisan support in the house. one of the goals we really set out within our group, look, we don't want 60 votes. we want to get 70, 75, 80 votes on this if we possibly can. we think that puts pressure on the house to get this passed. >> why should people be happy if this deal happens when essentially it's kicking the can down the road, isn't it? >> let me say this. we should not be in this situation. again, we have a small group of republicans driving the train,
7:11 am
especially on the house side. it's very unfortunate but nonetheless, that's what's going on. we shouldn't be here in the first place. we should have resolved this months ago. one of the things that's frustrating for me, i know it's frustrating for many americans is that they want us up here to govern. they want us to work together to try to be problem solvers, to put aside our partisan differences and get in here and do what's right, do what's best for the country. unfortunately partisanship often times takes over up here. we should be happy about this deal because we do re-open the government. we do get an extension of the debt ceiling and also there's a process here in place to have more serious discussions and negotiations about our fiscal situation for the country. so there's good in this and one of the things i'm disappointed with here in washington is i hear a lot of lawmakers and, of course, some media but even lawmakers say what do the democrats get out of this? what do the republicans get out of this? that's the problem in washington. they're looking at the political
7:12 am
angle. what do we get? what do they get? how do we win? how do they lose? the right analysis is what's the best thing for the country? how can we provide stability, how can we do things like, you know, send signals to the market that it's okay to invest. it's okay to hire. it's okay to take risks. because america is the place to be, and you know, that's what we want to try to do. but unfortunately again, a fairly small group of republicans are, you know, making that next to impossible to achieve here in washington. >> but to be fair, harry reid was saying all along, the head of your party in the senate, we're not going to talk about this, we're not going to talk about obama care. that's not on the table. that's not exactly compromise either. you look at the polls. >> beaten with a bigger stick, 75% -- >> i'm sorry. my ear piece is going out. i know you asked about harry reid saying obama care wasn't on the table. from my standpoint, the house
7:13 am
and senate passed the affordable care act years ago. the states are implementing it right now. i don't know at this point why it should be on the table, why it should be considered a point of compromise. it's the law of the land. i think most people around the country understand that and most people say, look, it is the law of the land. move on. let's try to take a law -- that law is far from perfect, no bought about it. let's try to take that law and make it better. it's going to provide health care, hopefully affordable health care to millions of americans that don't have it today. >> right. >> it's on the books. let's let it work. that's one of the things that's been frustrating for democrats in this whole process, again, the smaller group of republicans, this core group, they will not let it go. you know, if we were in court, the judge would say asked and answered, move on. we've gone through that. we've talked about that. we've hashed that out, taken it as far as we can go. >> the first thing the judge says is you should try to settle this.
7:14 am
imagine if the democrats and harry reid said let's sit down at the table and compromise on this earlier. that's the question if you can hear it, senator. >> i don't know. if you look at -- if you want to talk about say the budget in the compromise, whether we should have compromised, whether we should have discussed, i'm always -- my view is i'm always willing to talk, always willing to discuss and negotiate. but at the same time, it depends on what we're talking about. so you look at something like the budget. my republican colleagues say we want more cuts. well, wait a minute. you know, we did a big set of cuts, about 3.6 trillion worth in the budget control act of 2011. those phase out over ten years. we have the sequester. that's where that comes from. there's been a lot of cuts now. i think we ought to go to tax reform. let's look at tax reform. that's something that i think every american understands that our tax system is so fouled up, that it needs to be reformed.
7:15 am
let's put that on the table next. let's -- even entitlement reform, let's talk about that. there are lots of things we can talk about. unfortunately what this group of republicans want to do is relitigate things we've already done. i think the country is ready to move forward. >> that's absolutely true. it's good to see the group emerging in the senate, left, right and reasonable with you 12. >> thank you for having me. >> it was good that your ifb cut out every time i was coming after you. >> i can barely hear you. >> did seem convenient, didn't it? >> i might try that trick with you. >> what? >> couldn't hear you. >> we're going to start with some breaking news at 15 minutes after the hour. this morning, at least 49 people are dead and many, many more injured after a massive 7.1 earthquake struck the central philippines. that quake was centered nearly 400 miles southeast of manila. it happened while the country was celebrating a religious
7:16 am
holiday. officials say there was no widespread threat of a tsunami, something we'll keep watching. a report from the "washington post" says that the nsa is collecting millions of contact lists from personal e-mail and instant message accounts, many belonging to americans. the collection program allows the agency to scan data for users with possible connections to known intelligence targets. this responded saying it is not interested in personal information about ordinary americans. a family searching for answers this morning after their 6-year-old boy drowns aboard a carnival cruise ship. the florida boy and his family were on the last leg of a four-day cruise to the caribbean. a spokesperson for the company says carnival cruise ships do not have lifeguards. welcome to the future. check it out. a rocket takes off. here's the cool trick.
7:17 am
it can reverse direction midair and land vertically. so far it's reached a height of just over 2,400 feet. a long way to go before reaching outer space but that is the plan, deliver cargo, come back to earth, do it again. one more kind of cool note, a drone recorded the entire video. cut out the middleman. we didn't even need to be involved. >> very, very cool. >> isn't that cool? >> i love it. love rockets. >> thank you so much. let's get straight over to indra petersons with another check of the weather. you're looking at impressive storms there, indra. >> it's amazing how weather can look so beautiful. this is a wall cloud. they didn't have tornadoes but look at that unbelievable sight. the same system did bring about quarter size hail, 70 mile per hour winds. so beautiful to look at. you can see it on the radar, the damage reports as it made its way across. they were watching that same
7:18 am
system move across the country. still it will bring rain, pretty much from minnesota down through texas, generally light for most of you except for down through texas where once again we had the flooding over the weekend. now we're adding tropical moisture to it. tropical depression octave, all that moisture is fuelling in through texas. it is combining with the cold front making its way across the country. it's a slow-moving cold front. you put those factors together and you're talking about high amounts of rain. that's not going to be good news. especially considering there's another system behind that this week. one of the things that is good about it, drought conditions for a huge chunk of the state. that's the flooding concern there. the cold front will be the cold pocket of air making its way across the country. you start to notice 40s and 50s as your highs, especially in through tomorrow as that cold air goes to the east. >> yes. that's exactly how i feel about it. >> a lot of people will be
7:19 am
saying that. thanks, indra. on the other side of the break, another dry ice explosion at los angeles national airport as even more devices are found, this time in secure areas. big question, how did they get there? who put them there? we'll tell you what authorities know so far. also ahead in a couple of hours, a captured terror suspect will be in a new york city courtroom. we'll be there live with the details of what to expect. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult.
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7:23 am
quite a scare at los angeles international airport. authorities say an ice bomb detonated monday in a restricted area at lax, two other devices were also found. cnn's rene marsh is tracking the strange developments in this story. she's live in washington this morning. good morning, rene. >> it happened again. who's behind the second dry ice bomb? that's the question investigators are working to answer this morning. last night, the explosion happened at the bradley terminal, it triggered a massive response. the bomb squad and police were on scene. you see the images there. no injuries have been reported. now, police say the restricted area where last night's dry ice bomb went off was not accessible to the gate area in the terminal. police also tell cnn it's still early in the investigation but they do not believe at this point that there's any link to terrorism. but here's what's so peculiar about this situation. this is the second dry ice
7:24 am
explosion set off at the very same airport in the same amount of days. just the day before, sunday night, dry ice in a plastic bottle exploded in an employee rest room, causing a brief shutdown of terminal two. no injuries in that incident either, kate. >> officials don't believe at this moment sids itnce it's earf they don't believe it was terrorism, what is their investigation focusing on. >> was it a prank, was it not a prank? these are all possibilities investigators are looking into. the fact remains that the incidents happened in restricted areas, not areas open to the public. the fbi is investigating. >> which means this could change quickly. we'll be watching it closely with you. thank you so much. one of the most wanted men in the world is here in the u.s. alleged al qaeda operative abu anas al libi was captured in a daring raid in libya ten days ago you'll remember. now he is in new york, set to
7:25 am
appear today in federal court. cnn's deborah feyerick outside the court this morning. good morning, deb. >> reporter: good morning, chris. abu anas al libi was questioned over the last couple of days by tegers who are used to dealing with high-value detainees. he's accused of being one of osama bin laden's senior aides, a man who allegedly took surveillance photos of the embassy in nairobi, kenya, which destroyed the building that killed 200 people, including american personnel. his family says he was living a normal life, trying to get a job with the oil industry. he's expected to appear in a new york court. the operatives that were found guilty 1998 are living in a supermax security. at the time all of this happened this was one of the first
7:26 am
coordinated attackeds s by al qaeda against the united states of america, those men were found guilty just months before al qaeda hit again on u.s. soil on 9/11. we can tell you about al libi. he was questioned. he had to be brought ashore because of the medical condition that had to be treated. doctors on board the vessel believed he could get better treatment here. he is stabilized. he is here at the manhattan correctional center, we believe, where he will be kept until he's brought into the courtroom. >> very anxious to see how many roads lead to this man. >> yes. coming up next on "new day," senate leaders are moving closer, i guess that's how we should describe it, to an agreement to re-open the government and avoid default. will it pass mufter in the house? we'll be talking to one influential house republican about this and the road ahead. you don't want to miss that. a wild story.
7:27 am
a utah doctor accused of murdering his wife. we'll tell you why officials say it may have been mid-life crisis m madness. star prosecution witness, his daughter. nancy grace is here with his take. i was made to work. make my mark with pride. create moments of value. build character through quality. and earn the right to be called a classic. the lands' end no iron dress shirt. starting at 49 dollars.
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7:30 am
welcome back to "new day." it is tuesday, the 15th of october. let's take a look at your headlines at this hour. deal to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling into early next year is on the table. it was crafted by senate leaders harry reid and mitch mcconnell. senate republicans will take a closer look at it during a closed door meeting that begins in 3 1/2 hours.
7:31 am
house republicans will huddle up to than their next move. skepticism between nuclear talks, the u.s. and five world powers under way in ja jeff va. experts say far more than that needs to be done to assure the west that iran can't quickly build a nuclear weapon. what was originally believed to be a minor heart problem turned out to be a serious condition for former president george w. bush. according to sources close to mr. bush, they say he had a 95% blockage in an artery back in august that required a stent to open it. they say the former president was pretty lucky doctors discovered it in time. a young fisherman got quite a shocking surprise while out on a lake in east texas. a lightning bolt struck right in front of 16-year-old tucker's boat. the strike happened a few yards in front of his boat.
7:32 am
a little too close for comfort. he captured this on a go pro camera that happened to be mounted on the windshield. kate, over to you. >> thank you. we've been talking about a possible deal to end the government shutdown and avoid hitting the debt ceiling this morning. but any senate plan will, as you well know, will have to be approved by the house. joining me now to talk more about this is the leader of the house republican's conservative caucus, congressman steve luis. >> good morning. >> we have the parameters emerging of a potential deal in the senate. seasonally re 0ing the government, funding the government and raising the debt ceiling through early next year which also re-opens the opportunity for negotiations on a broader budget deal with a couple health care elements, obama care elements in there. what do you make of this? can you support these details?
7:33 am
>> you know, the details keep changing by the way. there were two deals over the weekend that seemed close but harry reid blew them up at the last minute. we put 20 proposals on the table to keep the government funded, address the problems with the health care law and extend the debt ceiling. we haven't seen the president willing to accept any of those. one of the things we want to address as we work to get the government open and extend the debt ceiling, apply basic fairness. the president exempted over 1,200 groups, including members of congress from the health care law. let's make the law apply to everybody equally. don't give special back room deals to one group, exempt members of congress of all people. make members of congress have to supply with this law. >> we are up against a deadline. and people need to start having opinions because it's go time at this point. you have some details emerging. we talked to senator pryor earlier and he said he's confident that the senate and
7:34 am
the president will have an agreement by some point today. we have some of the details right here. with what you hear me saying, can house conservatives support those details? >> so far, we've put 20 different proposals on the table. we want to see what they come out with. again, there were two different plans we heard were going to pass over the weekend and neither did. we learned whatever we hear the senate might be getting ready to do, many times they end up doing something different. we want to get the government open. we've been working for two weeks now in many cases with bipartisan bills in the house. it seemed like each other they had a deal close, the president or harry reid backed away. hopefully they get something done that actually starts addressing the country's money problems. we've been offering to work for two weeks now. let's get this done. >> what has to be in any deal for you and other house
7:35 am
republicans to support it? what needs to be in there to get your support? >> clearly on the debt ceiling, to get anything long-term we want to get a long-term deal that starts addressing the nation's spending problems. the debt ceiling is basically you've maxed out the credit card and when the president comes and says he wants to get a new credit card to spend more, we've obviously been concerned. let's address these spending problems. >> you know very well, you've been in the house, you know very well that you are not going to get an agreement on the long-term -- the drivers of our long-term debt and deficit issues in three days. what you need to do is agree to something now. >> when we met with the president on thursday at the white house. we had an hour and a half meeting with the president. we said let's get a short-term extension on the debt ceiling. we have to have talks, get an agreement from the president to sit in the room and start negotiating on a long-term deal. the president wouldn't agree to that. hopefully the president is willing to finally agree to start negotiating to get
7:36 am
long-term solutions so we don't have a crisis-to-crisis moment. one thing we don't want to see is another patch where in a couple weeks later we're in the same spot again. the president will have to agree to sit at the table and start negotiating on the long-term issues. we've been saying this for two weeks. we're ready to do it. the ability is there to get a deal, especially a short-term and long term. >> am i hearing that you say some kind of a trigger, you could agree to a short-term deal if there was a trigger to sit down and talk about the bigger budget issues? >> right. that was what was put on the table with the president at the white house on thursday. it was not even getting any details, saying mr. president, agree you'll start negotiating offer the long-term issues so we can get a short-term extension. he wouldn't make that agreement on thursday. he still hasn't made that agreement today. at some point the leader of the free world has to be willing to sit at the table and be a part of these negotiations. >> a couple quick questions for you. senator pryor said in the senate
7:37 am
they want 70, 75, even 80 votes to put pressure on the house to pass what they send over? does that vote couldn't the in the senate impact your vote? >> ultimately we've been focused on solving the problems short term and long term. let's see what the senate does. they've tabled about 18 of the bills we sent over so far. it would be nice if they pass something. we'll be looking at the details. we put a number of options on table, too. we want to get this done. >> how likely is it do you think john boehner will have to put a bill forward on the floor that you can spot support because he'll have to get something done? >> i can't speak for what speaker boehner is going to do. >> what's your message this morning? >> obviously he's been working to try to get a deal and we appreciate the work he's been doing to try to get this resolved and we're not there yet but we're still working. we'll get it done before the clock runs out. >> you think there is going to be a vote in the house on
7:38 am
something that will pass and get to the president's desk and he'll sign it before we hit the debt ceiling on thursday? >> yes, we've already put that kind of deal on the table to say let's extend the debt ceiling and keep the talks going. ultimately start solving these problems to get our economy back on track and addressing all the things that are holding families back. that ability is there. the president has to be willing at some point to be a part of getting these problems solved. >> we'll see if house conservatives, house republicans and the senate and the president can get on the same page in the next couple days. congressman steve scalise, your voice will be important in the next couple days. thank you. >> thank you. the shocking case of a utah doctor accused of killing his wife to be with his mistress. find out why his own daughters don't need convincing when it comes to his guilt. you sat out most of our game yesterday! asthma doesn't affect my job... you were out sick last week.
7:39 am
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7:42 am
welcome back. a shocking murder trial six years in the making. a prominent utah doctor and lawyer charged with killing his own wife using prescription drugs. motive? mid-life crisis, life with his younger mistress? that's what authorities say. jury selection in the trial of martin macneill begins today. nancy grace is here to give us her take. first, here's cnn's jean casarez. >> reporter: this morning, pr prominent doctor and lawyer martin macneill will be in a provo courtroom. the macneills lived to seem what was a charmed life, though their almost 30-year marriage came to a tragic end one april night in 2007. >> who's in the bathtub? >> my wife! >> okay. is she conscious?
7:43 am
>> she's not. i'm a physician. i need help! >> sir, i can't understand you. can you calm down just a little bit? >> i need help. she's under the water and i need an ambulance! >> reporter: she was found dead in their home by their youngest daughter, ada who was 6 years old at the time. macneill allegedly killed his wife to be with his mistress. prosecutors say they will show evidence that he poisoned her with an overdose of medication when she was recovering from a facelift, a facelift prosecutors say he forced her to have. medical examiners found a cocktail of drugs, including valium, percocet and ambian in her system. since her mysterious death,
7:44 am
michele's two oldest daughters have been showing up for pretrial hear innings support of their mother and accusing their father of the unthinkable. >> my mother is just a wonderful human being. she deserves justice. she should never have trusted my father. >> reporter: among the state's star witnesses will be at least one of his daughters. part of the effort to send him away for life. prosecutors say macneill was carrying on a year-long affair with gypsy willis who moved into the macneill home as a nanny shortly after michele's death. >> my mom deserves this. she deserves justice. >> my father orchestrated this whole plan and how to murder my mother. >> reporter: macneill has pleaded not guilty to charges of first degree murder and obstruction of justice. he insists his wife's death was an accident and that he was at work the morning she died.
7:45 am
jean casarez, cnn, provo, utah. >> can prosecutors make the case? let's bring in hln's nancy grace. thank you so much for being with us on "new day" this morning. >> thank you for inviting me. >> so give us the theory of the case for prosecutors. how do they say it is this man? >> well, in her bloodstream as you just head jean casarez say there was a cocktail of drugs, ambian, percocet, valium. why was all that in her system? because her husband, and there is testimony to support this, almost forced her, persuaded her, a former beauty queen, absolutely beautiful to undergo a full facelift. after seven or eight hours under the knife he wanted her to
7:46 am
recuperate at home after an eight-hour surgery. the attending physician said let he had stay one night in the hospital. so she did. all of those drugs in her system he obtained for her. she was found, there are conflicting reports, in the bathtub. here's the problem for the state. the first medical examiner who has now since passed away with breast cancer, sadly, said this case was natural cause of death, she was not privy to all of the facts and circumstances that we have. since that time other medical examiners have looked at it and found it not to be natural. there's just so many circumstances surrounding this. she was so afraid, so afraid just before her death, she comes home, her face is totally bandaged. she can't see. her husband is feeding her pills. he's the only one that will give her medication. she was so afraid, she was trying to feel the pills before
7:47 am
she would take them. she said to her daughter alexis who was in medical school at the time, if i die, make sure your father didn't kill me. here's the kicker. alexis races home from medical school to find -- when she finds out her mother is dead, she gets there a couple of hours after her mother's dead. he had already cleaned out her closet. she hadn't even been dead but a few hours and he cleaned out all of her clothes, her shoes, jewelry. everything. and he has someone else to hide to dispose of all the drugs he had been giving her. >> a lot of bad facts there when you're doing the analysis of the case. some of the key moments that will come will be that 911 call. you have a man who is a physician, not acting like a physician on the call. what is the prosecutor's take on that? a hysterical man or a man trying to perform artificial emotion?
7:48 am
>> exactly. you think a doctor would have a better demeanor on the phone. instead he was yelling and screaming at the 911 operator, hung up several times on them, then gave them the wrong address before he would even call 911, he seen his daughter, remember his 6-year-old girl -- they have eight children -- the 6-year-old girl finds the mom half clothed dead in the bathtub. she had a lot of water in her lungs. she spit up when they were doing cpr, frothy pink water which leads to another conclusion that she had been drown. not only does he give 911 the wrong address, scream at them, hang up on them twice, he has the daughter get a neighbor to help. but when the daughter gets there, he won't let the neighbor help. >> 6-year-old daughter. his older children at least one of them, may testify against him. very unusual to get a child to turn against a parent. >> yes, very, very unusual. in fact, i have talked to some of the daughters at length.
7:49 am
and as you can imagine, they are distraught. they have seen this through. this happened years ago and it's just making its way to a trial. it was ruled a natural death to start with. they never gave up. they want justice for their mother. this is all i can say, too bad they don't have the firing squad anymore in utah. this is not a death penalty case but i believe it should be a death penalty case and that the needle would have been the alternative for dr. macneill. his daughters have never given up. they'll be in the courtroom for a period of time, probably be sequestered from the courtroom. during another part of the trial, because they'll be witnesses. remember, alexis is the daughter. she said if anything happens to me, make sure your father didn't kill me. of course she's going to be a witness. >> still not an easy case for prosecutors to make. drugs were in her system. if they can't show she was
7:50 am
forcibly drown, it's going to be tough.not an easy set of circumstances. >> it will be really tough. >> one last thing. >> please. >> another problem for the state. one of the medical examiners said she had it's all over for the state. >> nancy grace, lot of intrigue. thank you for break it down for us. look forward to your coverage. >> yeah. thank you. >> absolutely. you can watch nancy grace every night, of course, 8:00 pm eastern on hln. she will be covering this case and a lot of other ones. kate, over to you. coming up next on "new day," a family forced to move from their home after their daughter said she was raped by a local high school football star. what seemed like an iron clad case that was suddenly dropped. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals:
7:51 am
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7:54 am
apparently so. >> my song for life. >> more on that story the next hour. welcome back to wgs n"new day." are they still a couple or not? rory mcilroy and his professional tennis playing girlfriend have called it quits. >> what? >> maybe over this twitter photograph. tells a very different story. nischelle turner is here. >> first of all, that twitter picture is not cute. >> it is cute. >> grounds for a breakup? >> no. she says, first of all, what are you talking about?
7:55 am
they're giving each other the business there. it is a funny picture. i look crazy when i'm asleep, too, but carolyn says we're not broken up. what are you talking about? we heard directly from her that they are still together, right? what we're hearing with them breaking up is from a tabloid newspaper from an unnamed source. so you already know -- we should have been given already for that one. because of this twitter picture. he hated it. he decided to break up with her and she was totally devastated. when you don't have any names attached to anything, you have to say what's going on? >> how long have they been together, first of all? >> two years. they actually give each other the business on twitter a lot. they joke around. we were talking earlier, this is kind of touching on a bigger issue. they're two big name power couple sports star that is have been together. chris, you were talking about, look, they're so young. they may break up at some point, 22, 23 years old.
7:56 am
but the talk has also been, you know, both of their careers haven't been the greatest since they've been together. so, what's going to happen? everything they do, everybody watches because they want to know what's going to happen. >> rory, know this. we all look like that when we're sleeping. have no fear. we're all with you. >> a little drool, sometimes a little crust right here. >> all right. >> love me, flaws and all. >> we take you how we get you. >> his mouth being open like that speaks to a sinus condition. >> oh, lord. >> just saying. >> he is the expert on sinus conditions. >> get that addressed. coming up on "new day," is the progress on a government deal as good as harry reid says it is? we'll talk to two senators who are in the trenches, trying to put this deal together. i'm angela, and i didn't think i could quit smoking
7:57 am
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good faith negotiations continue between the republican leader and me. >> are we there yet? two days and counting to the debt ceiling deadline and the senate could be about to strike a deal. the big obstacle? house republicans. is everyone prepared to compromise? we're live with the latest. breaking overnight. a second explosion at lax airport. reports of more dry ice bombs found. the hunt is now on for whoever is behind it. new hope for finding madeleine mccann. police have received two tips pointing to the identity of the man in these sketches, as her parents give an emotional interview. your "new day" continues
8:01 am
right now. >> what you need to know. we've had an opportunity over the last couple of days to have some very constructive exchanges. >> what you just have to see. >> it's actually all paid for already. you just need to sign right here. >> that was awesome. that's all i can say. and your dad would be proud of him. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. congress may -- emphasis on may be close to a deal that would reopen the government and increase the debt limit. we'll also talk with lawmakers about where things go from here. most importantly, will the house go for the senate's plan? and one family's story has outraged the nation. they say their daughter was raped by a high school football
8:02 am
player from a well-connected family. the case was dropped by police, they say. she was then kicked off the cheerleading team. now the family says they've been run out of town. the mother of the alleged victim joins us live with their story. a good mystery we're looking at. why are so many acts of kindness coming out of one dairy queen in montana? is it karma or, we think, could it be the power of the good stuff? we'll take you there and examine. >> ice cream is most often the good stuff. that is for sure. first, though, could it be? there's optimism on both sides of the senate this morning that they are getting close to an agreement that would reopen the government and increase the debt limit, avoiding the threat of a possible default. but any deal still needs to go through the house and get approval there. jim acosta is following all the developments this morning live at the white house. good morning, jim. >> good morning, kate. president obama appears to be quietly working the phones in search of a deal. gop source confirms to cnn that
8:03 am
the president did call senate minority leader mitch mcconnell yesterday about this compromise agreement. meanwhile, the white house says the president is open to this compromise that's been worked out by senate leaders, in part because it raises the nation's debt ceiling potentially for four months. that would give both sides, democrats and republicans, breathing room to work through this budget nightmare. >> we know it's been a difficult time for everyone. >> reporter: lo and behold, two experienced capitol hill brawlers, senate majority leader harry reid and minority leader mitch mcconnell, may have actually found the path to budget peace in washington. >> we are not there yet, but tremendous progress. and everyone just needs to be patient. >> reporter: both men shared the news on the senate floor that they are close to a deal that would both reopen the government and raise the nation's debt ceiling before potential default in less than two days. >> i think it's safe to say we've made substantial progress and we look forward to making more progress in the near
8:04 am
future. >> is there a deal? >> reporter: but as vice president joe biden indicated by staying mum on the subject, it's not over yet. here is how the deal would work. the government funded through mid january, the debt ceiling extended to early february. in a nod to gop opposition to obama care, changes to that law are also under consideration, including new income verification for subsidies. those are tweaks to obama care the president may not support, but he is all but pressuring republicans to take the senate deal. >> if republicans aren't willing to set aside some of their partisan concerns in order to do what's right for the country, we stand a good chance of defaulting. >> reporter: a new abc news/washington post poll finds the public is upset with the gop over how they've handled budget negotiations versus 5 % who feel the same about the president.
8:05 am
some house republicans are holding their ground, still demanding concessions. >> i like where he gets something, i get something. >> reporter: barbara boxer compared the gop's tactics to acts of violence. >> when you start acting like you're committing domestic abuse, you've got a problem. i love you, dear, but, you know, i'm shutting down your entire government. >> reporter: now that kind of talk doesn't really set the table very well for a couple of very important meetings happening up on capitol hill. house republicans in the next hour supposed to meet and talk about this potential compromise agreement. senate republicans are scheduled to meet around 11:00 am. keep in mind, it's the house where the real trouble could lie. several house republicans have started grumbling about the framework of this compromise agreement. as you know, chris, many of them have real doubts as to whether
8:06 am
or not a debt default would wreak havoc, as some have said. >> lots of reasons for doubt. guess what. i want to show you a picture right now. do you know what you see right there? senator corker, heitkamp is a republican. they're standing right next to each other. this picture is also a metaphor. senators, thank you for joining us. i appreciate it. is this the right picture i'm getting right now? are the sides starting to come together, at least in the senate. >> well, i certainly think so. when you look at it, 12 or 13 senators coming together at a table, people like bob corker working very hard behind the scenes within his caucus, working basically on the same kind of plan, i think it's going pretty well and i think it's kind of like -- not to criticize anyone, but the adults have taken over and people know we need to get this country working
8:07 am
again, need to get government back up. we need to pay our bills and we need systemic long-term deficit and debt reform. that's a goal shared across the aisle. we're finally coming together, finding common ground. >> senator heidi heitkamp, democrat from north dakota, senator bob corker, republican from tennessee. when i mix them up like that, it only brings the hate on twitter. senator corker, let me ask you this. when you look at this deal, it is good. we're hearing optimism from your side. senator manchin said we're 78% to a deal. senator prooir said he believes a deal will get done in the senate today. where does the confidence come from, senator corker, that you in the senate can get a deal done that will pass muster with your friends in the house, specifically from your party? >> i do believe people like heidi and others have helped to move this along, and the fact
8:08 am
that mcconnell and reid have come to a framework -- there are still a few details, by the way, that are being worked out. we're meeting with our caucus at 11:00. there will be a lot of conversations about a way forward. the house has a meeting today at 9:00. there's still a lot in flux. i agree with heidi. we've got to figure out a way to move ahead. in fairness, on our side of the aisle, we've wasted two months focused on something that was never going to happen. i won't say that i did, but a number of folks d what we could have been doing all this time is focused on those mandatory changes that all of us know our country needs. and we've bhoen that opportunity. i hate to say it. and so now we are where we are. hopefully, what we will do is set up a framework that allows us to now move ahead and finally, hopefully, address the major structural issues that our nation needs to deal with to get
8:09 am
our fiscal house in order. that could have been done this time. i think it's an absolute shame we've wasted two months on something that was never, ever going to happen. and we said it was never going to happen on the front end. yet we've had this process basically hijacked. >> senator heitkamp, while it's corker's party, it's going to have to be your message. there are peoplon in the senate and the house on the other side that say no, no, no, it's not over. it's always been about obama care. we're not going anywhere until you address that. we're not here to kick the can down the road. we're here to make change. >> the message is that you have to get government going, you have to pay your bills and do the systemic long-term debt and deficit reforms we know are necessary. on the health care law, there are parts of it that i don't like. let's have that conversation. when it's all or nothing, we don't get anything done.
8:10 am
we've delayed a lot of important bills like housing reform, the farm bill. we've waste aid lot of time not just on getting a big and broad budget deal but on all the other things we're supposed to be doing, things like the farm bill, which is critical to my state. >> i've been calling your group that's been developing in the senate the third way, left, right and reasonable. the 12 of you, democrats and republicans, seem to be saying what the country has wanted to hear all along. the first question, senator corker, why did it take so long to get tho this point, the obvious conversation that you're having? >> sometimes it takes a while for reality to set in. look, you know, we predicted we were going to be where we are today a long time ago. i don't know. to be candidly candid, it's an embarrassment to me that we have spent all this time on a rabbit trail, leading us to where we are. so, look, i may not be the best person to be interviewed this morning. we have a lot of work to do over
8:11 am
the next three or four hours. there's a lot of tough sledding left. i do want to say -- i appreciate the comments you made about heidi. she is one of the best people that has come to the united states senate. she came here to solve problems. we're working together on a housing bill that i think will transform our housing finance system in a way that i think will be great for our nation. i do want to thank her and all the folks who have helped to get us to a place where at least we're talking about a solution. look, there's a lot of work that's going to be done over the next two or three days. i don't think it's time to spike the football in the end zone yet. >> go ahead, senator, please. >> i was just going to say, you know what, when you look at who is now involved, who is taking leadership, people like bob corker taking leadership, let me tell you, that's a reason for the country to be optimistic. he's a little crabby this morning because he has a big lift ahead of him in talking to his caucus, but he's a great leader and someone that speaks to people, the entire senate, not just people in his caucus.
8:12 am
i think we have the right people in the room, the right people in leadership and i think this deal is going to get done. >> well, look, that he the right note to hit. certainly, that's what the american people want. you see it in the polls. over 60% don't like your party, senator heitkamp, over 75% say they don't like the way your party is rating. >> i have to warn you, if you two continue with this mutual admiration society, you may both get kicked out of your parties. consider that going forward. it all comes down to wwbd. what will boehner do when he gets this deal? if he can't sell it to his caucus, it's not going anywhere. hopefully, can you get that done. senator corker and senator heitkamp, thank you for joining us. kate, over to you. >> break overnight, dry ice bombs explode at los angeles international airport. authorities there say the
8:13 am
devices detonated sunday and monday nights in restricted areas at lax. four devices in all were found. to talk about this and what is going on here, retired fbi agent steven moore. kind of a set trange set of eve. four of them explode over two days. cannot be a coincidence, right? >> no, no, of course not. what you've got here -- this isn't a prank, first of all. a prank is you do it once, you see that the fbi shows up and the airport is shut down and say this has gone way too far. >> yeah. >> doing it the next day with two or three more on the ramp is -- somebody is disgruntled. somebody is making a statement. somebody is upset with somebody. >> so these device went off in restricted areas that did not have access to the gate area. what does that tell you? >> tells me it's an employee.
8:14 am
>> got to be inside? >> it's an inside job. dry ice is something that you see a lot on the ramps at major airline terminals. >> that had a lot of people scratching their heads. why dry ice? >> you have to keep things cold if you're shipping flowers, some type of biological material. ice will just melt and soak the cabin. the co2 that freezes is the dry ice and it just leaves vapor when it goes. >> it's available? that might be the key part of it. >> all over the ramps, as are the 20-ounce bottles in the employees' soda machines. >> in the infancy of this investigation, authorities are not seeing any nexus, any connection to terrorism. where do you think the fbi and others need to be focusing their investigation right now to try to nip this in the bud? >> that's my old terrific task force out there. they'll be shifting it from the international side to the domestic terrorist side. somebody who is trying to cause some fear possibly because of personal issues. you still go after it.
8:15 am
under the california destructive device law, the guy might six months. guy or gal might get six months. you start getting air commerce involved and the fbi gets involved, you're talking years. >> i'm getting the sense that you think this could wrap up soon? >> very quickly. >> we'll watch it. stephen moore, great to see you. thank you so much. >> great to see you. lot of news this morning. let's get over to michaela. >> good morning to you both and good morning to you at home. let's look at the situation in the philippines, death toll climbing after the powerful earthquake in the central area of that nation. 49 people have been killed, more than 150 others injured. 7.1 magnitude earthquake destroyed a number of buildings, striking as philippifilipinos a celebrating a holiday today. >> tripoli earlier this month, spent last week interrogating him on a ship in the
8:16 am
mediterranean. he was brought to new york over the weekend and reportedly received medical treatment. his wife says he is suffering from hepatitis c. he alleged ly was the master mid behind two bombing s bombings o embassy in africa. people who might be connected to intelligence targets. the agency says it's not interested in personal information about ordinary americans. >> well, it was worse than anyone thought. sources close to former president george wncht bush say a minor health condition turned out to be a serious condition. his main artery was 95% blocked. the 67-year-old had a stent put in to open the blockage in august, discovered during his annual physical exam. his doctors have not commented on these reports. for one bon jovi fan, this
8:17 am
was the ultimate. look at the face. she's so happy. the superstar singer walked her down the aisle. the bride, beautiful bride started an online petition, begging bon jovi -- jon bon jovi to attend her wedding in las vegas last weekend. interestingly enough, he was already scheduled to be in town for a concert and amazingly, he showed up. he and his wife were married at that exact same chapel some 24 years ago. likely, he had a nostalgic feeling for that. can you imagine? that's a problem when your groom is standing next to jon bon jovi. >> how many weddings have taken place at that vegas chapel last 24 years? >> that's a very good point. and how many rock stars -- >> it's really a question. >> we will look into those numbers. >> that's another good question. not as good as my question. >> let's get over to indra
8:18 am
petersen. >> please. >> storm clouds gathering overhead, over my head as well. >> absolutely. in kansas right outside dodge city. unbelievable how gorgeous it looks, this wall cloud lowered. how dangerous they are when they are so beautiful. this storm system brought in winds 75 miles an hour. powerful system still moving through the country today. good piece of news here is that it has weakened. we'll be talking about light rain pretty much from minnesota down through texas. texas is where the rain gets heavier. the reason for that, of course, we have tropical depression octave here. look at all this moisture fueling right into texas. tropical moisture. you have that same system that just exited out of kansas and it's a slow-moving cold front. you're combining the two there, and you're talking about very heavy amounts of rain that is possible. three to five inches in addition, eight to ten inches of
8:19 am
rain over the weekend. flooding concerns still high. upside? yes, drought conditions still huge within the state. that's good. they need the rain. a lot of rain on dry soil and flooding concerns are higher. mixed bag there. as far as that system, what it means to the rest of us? cold air is continuing to move through the country. highs today 49. denver, 44. check out tomorrow. that cold air just shifts off to the east. cold front in the ohio valley as well. northeast still looks good. >> thank you so much, indra. >> on "new day" family in a small town says their daughter told the truth now she is being punished by that entire it town. rape accusation lies at the center of all of it. we'll tell you the story. british police swamped with tips in the madeleine mccann case. the missing girl's family talks about this new ray of hope, six years without their daughter. it's a growing trend in business:
8:20 am
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8:23 am
welcome back to "new day." search for justice. a family that says they were forced to leave their small missouri town. she says her daughter was raped by a high school football star. the case was dropped by police. now their story is sparking outrage nationwide. we'll speak with melinda in a moment. first, live in maryville, missouri, with more, anna? >> michaela, since this story broke, social media has really come alive. people are outraged, calling for justice for daisy, the 14-year-old girl, who was allegedly raped. even the group anonymous has taken up the cause.
8:24 am
the sheriff here says there was a sexual assault but says his hands are tied. the nightmare for the coleman family began nearly two years ago. >> drove us to his house and we snuck into his house through his basement window. >> reporter: daisy coleman was 14 years old, a freshman cheerleader at maryville high school when she says she was raped by a 17-year-old senior, football player from a prominent local family. >> he gave me a big glass of a clear liquid. and that's all i remember. >> reporter: another teen reportedly videotaped daisy's alleged assault on his cell phone. witnesses say she was crying as she was carried out of the boy's bedroom. >> you believe a sexual assault happened ? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the suspect even confessed to what's happened. >> which is why we were within four hours of receiving the call able to have people in jail. >> reporter: arrested and
8:25 am
charged. but then daisy's case was dropped. >> the only reason the prosecutor didn't unfold with this case is he didn't have any victims. the victims chose not to be involved in this case. they chose to not cooperate. >> told him everything and i also talked to the sheriff and the captain and told them everything i knew and that is also in the police report. so that's absolutely not true. >> reporter: but instead of the boys facing charges, daisy and her sinlgs say they faced an onslaught of bullying and vicious name calling at school and online. >> you hear it so often that you're all these different things, then you start to believe it. and i really did start to hate myself. >> reporter: it got so bad, the family says daisy tried to commit suicide twice. the family felt forced to move. then, as they were trying to sell their house, a mysterious fire broke out. the cause still unknown.
8:26 am
the house, now abandoned. the colemans, desperate for answers and still hoping for justice that may never come. we tried to contact the prosecutor in this case. because of the holiday yesterday, we were unable to reach him. we'll follow up with him today. we also reached out to the family of the accused, who declined to comment for our story. now, you might be wondering, what about reopening the case? what about maybe filing new charges? we asked about that. the sheriff says that is impossible. he said basically when the case was dropped, it was final and trying to go back now would be like trying to pursue double jeopardy. >> ana, thank you. we want to bring in daisy coleman's mother, melinda coleman. we know this is a terribly difficult time and difficult story for to you talk about. first of all, we want to ask you about those events. how did you know there was trouble? tell us about waking up to find daisy on the front porch.
8:27 am
>> it was about 5:00 in the morning. it was ten till 5:00. and i heard something in the yard that woke me up, some movement or scratching. i'm not even really sure. and i went outside and found daisy in the yard. her hair was wet and it was frozen. >> because it was very cold that night? >> she was wearing a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. yes, it was about 22 degrees. >> you brought her inside and warmed her up. she was still incoherent at that point because she was under the influence. >> right. >> talk about the fact that you knew something else was wrong? how did you discover she had been sexually assaulted ? >> it took us a while to figure that out because she was incoherent. she couldn't walk. she couldn't talk. she was semi conscious. the other girl that was with daisy also didn't know and seemed very confused. so finally, i was going to put daisy into a warm tub to warm her up.
8:28 am
i wasn't sure if she had been sleep walking or if she had' seizure. i wasn't sure what was going on. i thought i would put her in a warm tub. when i started to undress her, i saw things on her body and i realized that maybe she had been sexually assaulted. and i asked her if she was hurting and she said yes and started crying. >> that's when you called police. even the sheriff himself will not dispute the fact that she was assaulted. now what's so strange to so many people and sparked outrage is that there was outrage in the community, but not necessarily towards the assaulters but towards the victims, towards your daughter. what happened? >> you know, i think people just didn't want to believe it. they had known these boys since they were in kindergarten and i think they didn't want to believe it and it was easier to blame the victim. most of the people were good people, but there was a handful that were very aggressively
8:29 am
threatening. >> we know that you and your -- >> and very negative. >> -- had moved to this small town after having lost your husband in a car accident. you were trying to start over again. sbut kids were trying to start a new life. how much do you think the idea that you were not from this small town, which sounds like it's a very close-knit community? did you feel that some of this played into the fact that people turned against you? >> i think it might have. like i said, they had known those boys for a long time and had only known us a couple of years. and i think in situations like this a lot of times the victims are blamed. >> one of the things we do want to ask you is that as we talked with ana cabrera there, cnn spoke to the sheriff and he said that both he and his office and the office of the prosecutor were ready to prosecute and to look into this further and to
8:30 am
prosecute these boys that assaulted your daughter and this other little girl, but they said you declined to cooperate with authorities. >> that's absolutely not true. and it still kind of just shocks me that they're lying about it. the other mother and i have always -- you know, i don't know how he can say on one hand i was bugging him every day and it was like groundhog day, because i wouldn't leave him alone and on the other hand he's saying i wouldn't cooperate and wouldn't talk to him. it doesn't even make sense. we were more than willing to talk to him and do everything possible. they dropped the charges and didn't even let us know. in fact, i hired an attorney to try to find out why they had dropped out the charges because they wouldn't talk to me. >> what did your attorney say? >> he wrote them a letter and tried to get them to talk to him. they wouldn't even answer him. >> fast forward to now. you've since left that town, gone back to albany, where you
8:31 am
were originally from. how is life for you and how is daisy doing? >> it's getting better. it's been really tough. she did have a lot of difficult times, you know, with everyone -- bullying on the internet was difficult. we had to finally take social media away and not look at it at all. she did internalize it. she did start to feel like she was all the bad things they were saying about her. >> what do you want to see happen? >> and it's hard to -- i want to see justice. i want to have peace for my family. i don't want to be threatened and fearful anymore. and i would like to see that the other girls that had come forward that said they had been attacked as well, i would like for them to feel like they're safe enough to go ahead and come forward and have some peace. >> hopefully, there will be more eyes on this case. melinda coleman, thank you for
8:32 am
joining us and sharing your story. we're so sorry that your family has been through so many trev trevails. we wish you the best. >> thank you. chris? tremendous progress to strike a debt ceiling deal. this prayer of a compromise comes down to one question. wwbd. what will boehner do to get a compromise through a caucus that seems determined to stand pat. also ahead, a cold case heating up thanks to some new sketches. madeleine mccann's parents talking about the flood of new tips they hope will lead to help them find their daughter. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ]
8:33 am
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welcome back to "new day." it's time for the five things you need to know. a deal struck by senate leaders would fund the government. senate republicans meeting in 2 1/2 hours to discuss this plan. alleged al qaeda operative will face a judge this afternoon. after a daring raid in libya, he was captured. he is accused of helping to plan the embassy bombings in africa. one of the state's chief witnesses is expected to be mcneil's daughter. today is the deadline to file tax returns for the 12 million americans who asked for a six-month extension. if you're entitled to a refund you won't see a check from uncle
8:37 am
sam until the government reopens. recipient of medal of honor at the white house ceremony today, being honored to help save soldiers in a 2009 afghan battle. always upat a timing those five things to know. go to for the very latest. kate? >> thank you so much, michaela. we are two days now from the deadline to raise the debt limit. even if the senate is able to somehow come together on that deal we've been discussing, does it stand a chance in the house? joining us now, lamont hill and on the right, will cain, columnist at the blaze. welcome, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> we have the contours of a potential deal in the senate. where is the compromise on the senate side? >> compromise? why would you compromise when you've won? this is great. there are minor things. paul ryan gets his budget
8:38 am
conference. we've seen delays on things that even the left and right could agree were problematic in the obama care stuff. ultimately, republicans just lost this. i think they're trying to bow out with dignity right now. >> that is a dangerous line to have. >> it's true. >> you know the election -- >> i can say it. harry reid can't say it. >> you asked him what the compromise is. let me explain to you the full swing of the pendulum here. republicans started out using the government shutdown as a leverage to look for changes to the affordable care act, to obama care. this is how far the pendulum has swung. now instead of granting the delay, democrats have excised it. instead they're giving it to the unions. >> now they're doing a touchdown dance. >> that's exactly right. it's great. that's why it took so long for the senate to take the lead on this thing, particularly senate
8:39 am
democrats. why take the lead to finish this thing if the government shutdown benefits you? i'm not saying it's okay, but that's the strategy. >> no matter what happens in the house, the focus -- no matter what happens in the senate, the focus is all on the house. john boehner is in a tough position at this point. is there any way for john boehner to vote on something, bring something to the floor that can win support of house conservatives and also be signed by the president? >> honestly can't answer that question, kate. that is an impossible question to answer right now. you're leaving republicans with two very terrible options. one, clearly they got hammered in this entire debate. clearly, they got hammered in this entire negotiation. they want to continue to see those polls punish republicans, but number two i honestly think you cannot emphasize enough how much this deal is a win for democrats. and just -- by the way, just to emphasize that, what is the deal right now? to extend the government funding through january or into january, right? >> the 15th. >> and the debt ceiling into february. that's completely to the democrats advantage.
8:40 am
one thing we have learned is that democrats did not mind the shutdown. they won so overwhelmingly that they're ready to have this fight again in three months. >> >> i wouldn't say they don't mind the shutdown. they stood on principle with the obama care piece of it. they certainly bappreciated the benefits. >> so much so that they're ready to do it again in january. >> republicans want to extend it to the -- >> no, no, democrats want to make sure that the next negotiation over shutdowns precedes another debt ceiling negotiation. >> that's just not true. >> but what if, as part of the deal, republicans can get that negotiation that they've been asking for? i was talking to a lead conservative in the house, what he hammered home again and again is that they want to talk about the long-term drivers of our debt. they want to talk about the big issues. they know they can't get that in tw days. what if that triggers that process? can republicans think of it as a
8:41 am
victory? >> this is such a win for democrats because in order to get those long-term reforms, entitlement, tax, to make structural forms, republicans need leverage. this is not something democrats want to do. a shutdown is not leverage to the democrats. that will not hurt them. >> john boehner knew that back in march. he didn't want this -- >> that is true, 100%. that is why there is internal republican fight. >> and there will continue to be internal republican fights. he will have to force republicans to take a vote on something they don't want. he has no choice at this point. >> let me ask you this, though. senate democrats, are they jamming the house? i'm asking that as a leading house as i think they are jamming the house. they've done this in the past. it's succeeded in the past. is that fair? >> of course it's fair. it's no more or less fair than house republicans holding the government hostage the last three weeks. they have the constitution and authority and power to do it. if you can leverage it, go ahead. will it play out in the polls in the way it benefits you? >> fair? who cares about fair?
8:42 am
it's never part of the equation. >> so polyanna. so sorry. >> it's not fairness. it's over reaching. when democrats feel so strongly and so powerful, they'll overreach. that's when the check will come. >> what lessons do the republicans need to learn then, if, as you say, they lost. we need to keep in mind there are real people that are hurt. real people that are still out of work and we have a real threat of default if we were to hit the debt ceiling. all that mind mind. but we are talking politics at the moment. >> it is a political conversation, kate. therefore, the lesson is not one about principles. it's actually just one about strategy. the republicans have learned, or some of the republicans have learned shutdowns are bad strategies. debt ceilings is another question. >> following the tea party republicans is bad strategy. >> debt ceilings, they will continuing to be some leverage. we will leave it there, gentlemen. you talked about fair. see? >> i like fair. he doesn't like fair.
8:43 am
>> say what? >> exactly. >> will cain, good to see you. madeleine mccann, will her parents finally get answers? you will hear from them. what's in the water in minnesota? one ice cream shop there has made our good segment there not once but twice. it is so nice. we'll tell you why. a sweet story. people don't have to think about where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant
8:44 am
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8:47 am
everyone. let's get straight over to indra petersons. you are looking at that storm in the middle of the country. >> one exits, the next one comes in. looking at a system that is hanging around minnesota, down through texas. that's where we're looking for light rain. stronger again around the great lakes and especially stronger down through texas. the reason for this, of course, is what we saw right around the tropical depression here that's still hanging out. octave is pulling all this moisture into the region. with that, we have high flooding concerns. look at all that moisture mixing in with the same system that's slowly making its way across the country. combine those two, you're talking about heavy amounts of rain, three to five inches of rain still possible in the forecast today. in addition to the eight to ten
8:48 am
inches they saw over the weekend. flooding concerns obviously high. the rest of us, the cold front means cold air. looking at this huge pool of cold air making its way across the country. minneapolis, 50. zoom in closer, you'll notice the 70s we have today. now in the midwest, watch that cold front slide through. by tomorrow, you'll see the highs drop down to just the 50s. cold front. obviously, cold air moving in. >> moving in. so it is. all right, indra, thank you. the parents of madeleine mccann are speaking out about new leads in the case. you'll remember the british 3-year-old went missing in 2007 in portugal. the case is being reinvestigated. now come brand new sketches of a person of interest. authorities say the new images could have already led to a major break in the case. cnn's erin mclaughlin has much more on this. what do we know? >> reporter: good morning, chris. there are new leads in what has considered to be a cold case.
8:49 am
scotland yard has received over 1,000 tips following last night's public appeal for information and it was an emotional evening for the mccanns. >> a new plea from the parents of madeleine mccann. >> please, please have the confidence to come forward now and share that information with us to unlock this whole case. >> reporter: and a chilling memory. now six years old. kate mccann described the moment she realized her 3-year-old daughter was missing from their holiday apartment in portugal. >> i was looking at madeleine's bed and couldn't make it out. then i realized she's not in that bed. i wondered if she had woken up and had gone to our bed. she wasn't in our bed. that was the first time that i guess, you know, panic kicked in. >> reporter: it's all part of an international appeal to the public. for more information about madeleine's disappearance. >> even if it's 1.4% chance she's alive, we will continue to
8:50 am
fight for her. >> part of the push, scotland yard releasing computer generated sketches of a man they say was in the area at the time madeleine vanished. >> he is white with dark hair, had a child in his arms, described as being between 2 and 4 years of age with blond hair wearing pajamas. that itself is already significant information. >> 25-minute re-enactment of that night has also been shown on television, giving an updated timeline, which has allowed them to eliminate old theories and explore new avenues in the investigation. madeleine's parents say they've never given up hope that they will find their little girl. >> we don't know what's happened to madeleine. we don't know who has taken her. our best chance of finding her is identifying that person. >> how heartsick, we get the result that we need. >> investigators had been
8:51 am
distracted by a 9:15 pm sighting of a man carrying a child wearing pajamas. they now believe that child was actually the man's daughter. so they shifted their focus to this other 10:00 pm sighting and are considering the possibility that madeleine mccann was abducted later in the evening. it just goes to show how important witnesses are in this case. chris? >> erin, thank you very much for the reporting. obviously, what a great story it would be to have a happy ending there, especially for that family. we'll keep reporting on it as developments come up. we'll take a break right now. coming up next on "new day" the good stuff gets even better as random acts of kindness happen again at the very same minnesota ice cream shop we've been talking about. what makes this place so special? we'll tell you. >> ice cream. what else? ♪ ♪ hey lady!
8:52 am
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8:55 am
oh, it is time not just for "the good stuff" not just for the better stuff but the good, better and best stuff. >> whoa! >> you'll see why. a beloved family doctor loved his patients and his ice cream. one dairy queen in particular, remember that. so when he died, to honor his memory, his family visited their pop's favorite dairy queen and gave $200 to pay for everybody's ice cream, a sweet reminder of the man they loved. >> he always brough us to get ice cream if something was bad, so -- >> it's actually all paid for already. you just need to sign right here. >> that was beautiful. >> that was awesome. that's all i could say and their dad would be proud of them. >> yes, they would. that's the good stuff right there. right?
8:56 am
>> that is good stuff. >> people who received free ice cream paid it forward, some $700 worth, free ice cream for everybody, the entire day. that is the better stuff. but there's another layer to this sundae of specialness. did you recognize that dairy queen clerk we just showed you? >> i did. >> that is the man known as joey prusak, the young man who saw a customer steal a blind man's money, refused to serve her unless she gave it back. when she wouldn't, he dipped into his own pocket to help. remember that? >> i told him you dropped $20. i would like to give you $20 on behalf of myself and dairy queen. >> that's prusak. purely by coincidence, one minnesota dairy queen, home to the custard king of kindness, seems to have taken the spirit of sweet sentiments, bunch of unrelated people, multiple acts of kindness all in one place.
8:57 am
that's what makes it the best stuff of all. >> i love it. and i want ice cream. >> yes. >> the end. we'll be right back. build character through quality. and earn the right to be called a classic. the lands' end no iron dress shirt. starting at 49 dollars. you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪ where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does.
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